Yuma Assisted Living offers a compassionate caregiving staff, providing a full range of care services. These services can be as simple as verbal reminders and visual checks, to more extensive hands-on assistance with dressing, bathing, and other activities of daily living.

Yuma Assisted Living is a 151-unit senior living community in Yuma, AZ, licensed for 220 residents. Yuma Assisted Living was created to serve seniors, their spouses, veterans, widows, and in some cases, their adult children or parents. Our goal is to care for those who require assisted living and have difficulties paying for it. We are committed to providing this service in a non-institutional atmosphere by offering the same amenities available at the more luxurious, private-pay communities. Veterans Assisted Living has a compassionate caregiving staff comprised of Registered/Licensed Practical Nurses and Certified Caregivers, offering Supervisory and Personal Care.

Our Mission


Yuma Assisted Living was founded on the singular goal of serving the underserved. Now, more than ever in senior care, there is an overflow of need, and insufficient resources to meet those needs. Due to income restrictions,many moderate and low-income seniors lose out on these services. With the cost of assisted living averaging over $40,000 a year and going up every year, it is becoming increasingly cost prohibitive for much of the aging population. America’s best—our veterans, represent a large portion of those who fall through the cracks every day. Yuma Assisted Living is doing our part to fill those cracks, and provide the same level of care, comfort, and quality of life that, until now, has only been available to those who are fortunate enough to be able to pay for it year after year.

How We Can Help


Yuma Assisted Living works to help those who may qualify state and federal entitlement programs including veteran’s benefits. Veterans Assisted Living will and advise seniors on their eligibility, gathering the necessary information required, and will help submit the applications for various entitlement programs. Many qualified applicants may discover that they can live at Veterans Assisted Living much more affordably than expected!



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